Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm back!

So I've never been the best at keeping my posts regular and frequent, but I have a few great excuses this time:
  1. Moving halfway across the world. Working out what to pack, what to sell off, and what to put into storage. Inevitably realising that you've left behind something important. Finding a new place to live (trying to make sure it's reasonably cheap, has a low crime rate, is less likely to fall down during an earthquake and is reasonably accessible for all the places we want to get to, especially while we still don't have a car). Oh, did I mention selling off the car? Yes, SaVvY BII is gone :(. Settling in to aforementioned place to live. Buying all the appliances we need that we couldn't bring with us because they won't operate at 110V/60Hz. And furniture, because lugging all of your furniture halfway across the world is EXPENSIVE. Putting all said furniture together (of course we went the IKEA option). Oh, and somehow manage to establish somewhat of a normal social life in a new city at the same time. This would probably be a good enough excuse in itself, but I do have another:
  2. Facebook. It's just too easy to jump onto facebook and update your status message to let your friends know what you're up to. With the added advantage that you can also quickly check out what your friends are up to as well.
  3. We've had some problems posting on the server :(. This'll go up as soon as that's fixed though.
So enough with the excuses. Our new place is awesome - a brand new apartment in Potrero Hill, the sunniest part of San Francisco city.

And best of all, Bhautik has received his thesis review, and once he completes the revisions, he'll be done! Any suggestions for a new name on this blog?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're moving!

So I was going to let B2 comment on it first, but...he got a fantastic job at Industrial Light and Magic, so we're moving to San Francisco. For a few years. At least. Lucky I'm getting used to the oatmeal thing and am still liking the fog. And I've managed to find some very good local cheeses.

Actually, it's a pretty cool city. My general experience has been that people are very friendly, and I like the climate. On the down side, I haven't found a bartender yet who knows how to make lemon, lime and bitters, and ginger beer is hard to come by, let alone Vegemite... but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

On another note, I have previously commented on the inaccuracy of first aid/medicine on television. Here's a story about the relationship between medical facts and the need to entertain. - and an example of when the information was actually enough to help save a life. So I guess even a little knowledge is better than nothing, but you'll notice the article also comments on how poorly CPR is often presented...

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Life in San Francisco

It's midnight. I am about to leave to go out to a party. San Francisco life is CRAZY! That's my excuse for not blogging in so long.

In other news, B2 is arriving next week! And visiting for a full week and a half! Hooray!


Monday, July 30, 2007

Oatmeal just ain't porridge

On my second night here, I went to the supermarket for essential supplies. One of them, of course, was breakfast (the most important meal of the day folks - a cup of coffee just isn't enough!).

The range of cereals on offer was a bit much to absorb in my befuddled, jetlagged state, but I espied a box of oatmeal. "Ah!" think I. "That's just like porridge isn't it? Well that'll do me, I love porridge".

Oatmeal ain't porridge. Porridge has more texture, less glugginess, and, paradoxically, more of a feeling like it's sticking to your ribs and cushioning your body against the demands of the day. The stuff I got sticks to the tongue, yes, but not the ribs. I should have been warned when I read the preparation instructions - just add boiling water. You have to cook porridge for at least 3 minutes before it's ready to eat.

Maybe it's just cause I've never bought easy-to-cook porridge at home, but if this is what all oatmeal is like, it's really not the same thing. Oatmeal is porridge's poor, weak cousin.

P.S. Even wikipedia thinks they're the same thing, however, look at the picture of the "instant oatmeal". Porridge shouldn't be shiny like that. I think there lies my mistake - I'll know better next time. So many traps for foreigners...


Thursday, July 26, 2007

In San Francisco

I like fog. Which is lucky, since it's a daily occurrence here. But it is cold, and I'm finding it harder to wake up in the mornings without sunshine. Mind you, that might just be the jetlag.

I've been here for three days, and I'm slowly getting more adventurous. On the first day I went to work, and the apartment I'm staying at - a full 15 minute walk away. Plus the drive from the airport to the apartment, but I don't think that counts.

On the second day I went from the apartment, to the office to (gasp) Trader Joe's, where those who know me will probably be amused but unsurprised to learn that I bought a basil plant (plus pine nuts and parmesan cheese - yes, I intend to live on basil pesto). I liked Trader Joe's, and would thoroughly recommend it as a shopping experience for any visiting the U.S.

But the highlight of my week so far was definitely last night, when Mariko took me to a Yelp party. Thanks Yelp for the free Guinness! I spent a happy forty-five minutes chatting with Mariko, Kqm (pron. Kim) and Matt while we were queuing for the free beers (Matt was wearing an Australia jumper, turned out he'd visited in March, and Kqm had been over for the Sydney Olympics).

Then Mariko and I found a corner (can't say a quiet one, there was nothing quiet about the place), where we chatted happily for an hour and nearly finished our pints of Guinness (which was pretty impressive since I normally struggle with a half-pint) before Marc showed up. Not having eaten much that day (and not being much of a drinker), I was feeling pretty light headed by now, so Marc and Mariko took me off to a very nice cafe which I can't remember the name of. On the way we picked up a copy of The Onion - it's in print here! For Free! I had some yummy Nachos and a great time. Thanks guys!