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Quake Models


Model (617k) and Instructions (812k)
I'd suggest printing out this model on very heavy paper or on card, mainly because of its size and unusual centre of gravity.


Model (390k) and Instructions (566k)
Good heavy paper would also be good for this model, but card probably be too difficult to work with.

Half-Life 1


Model and Instructions (74k)


Model and Instructions (1.2Mb)


Appearance on ABC2's Good Game, November 2006 - video link

It sucks! It rocks! I need to throw rocks at your head!
Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or send me an email to bjoshi(at)

Who the heck are you?
Some background. For work I do this, and whatever else I do I write about here. You can email me at bjoshi(at)

Computer Gaming World (August 2006)
Boing Boing
Gizmodo (de)
quaddicted My Extra Life

Completed models
my flickr page h0g0
purepwnage forums

Can I link here?
For sure :) But if you are going to send a lot of traffic in this direction, link to instead.

Gah! Downloads not working :(
Sorry folks, the bandwidth is not mine to give away, so I have to host large files on an external host. Big thanks go to spirit, from quaddicted for primary file hosting. If none of these work, try looking at this thread here (corresponding thanks go to those unnamed individuals who were kind enough to mirror the files).

Can you make a model of X from Y?
Well, if the model interests me, and if I have the geometry and textures, I could probably unfold it. In the pipeline are other models from Quake, and other models from Half-Life ;)

More pictures?
See here

I use a modified version of mdl23ds to extract geometry from the .mdl files in the shareware version quake .pak files. These then get imported directly into pepakura designer. The initial unfolding usually doesn't correspond very well to anatomical features (e.g. legs, arms), so I modify the unfolding so that it does. After this, I export the unfolding as postscript, and make a .PDF.

Can I have the source files you use?
I'm not sure if I can redistribute the intermediate files (.3ds or .pdo) used in the generation of the models. The geometry and textures are copyright of id Software, so I don't think they'd be too pleased if I run about just giving away their artwork and geometry. However, the paper models are a derived work, so I think thats ok.

Legal (?) bits
Quake geometry, images and logos are (c) id Software Inc. Er.. hi Adrian :) I hope it's ok to use the geometry data from the game in this way; if there is a copyright or permissions problem, please contact me (bjoshi(at) and it can be sorted out.