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Tilt-shift: A DIY guide

Have you ever wondered how tilt-shift miniature photography works and why it looks so strangely convincing? Have you ever wanted to have a tilt-shift lens but couldn't afford the hundreds of dollars needed to buy one? Have you ever wanted to take real tilt-shift photos? Then this short introduction to tilt-shift photography and DIY tilt-shift lens building is for you.

The fisheye tin cam

fisheye tin cam: final build
A DIY fisheye lens made from a soda can and a door peephole! It's ludicrously fun to shoot with.

The Phone-O-Scope

Phone-O-Scope: Completed build

A cheap, easy-to-build adapter to attach SLR lenses to camera phones.

HD Time-lapse with linux and and SLR

Dawn and dusk in mini San Francisco on Vimeo
Here I my approach to HD time-lapse photography using a cheap netbook, linux and a DSLR.

DIY ring flash

Ringflash: completed assembly
A DIY project that attempts to build a ringflash using the inbuilt flash on a DSLR.

Paper models

Halloween big head: result 1
How to make a DIY papercaft big head mask.
A collection of paper models generated from various FPS games.

Plungercam 1

Completed $25 tilt-shift plungercam
A DIY tilt-shift lens made using a plunger and a medium format lens.

Plungercam 2

Plungercam 2: final assembly
Second revision of plungercam 1, this time optimised for use in time-lapse photography.

Other interests

Computer Gaming World, August 2006

Jumpbutton magazine, June 2006

Dawn and dusk in mini San Francisco on Vimeo

Segment on ABC2's Good Game, November 2006 - video link


During the course of my PhD work I investigated the distortion-free unfolding of model geometry into a 2D net for good quality texturing. I applied some of these techniques to models from early 3D computer games, and made these unfolded nets available for free online. This led to two magazine articles (in Jumpbutton and Computer Gaming World - see left) and a TV appearance (on ABC2's Good Game - see right). Links to the articles can be found here and here; a link to the TV segment can be found here.

Ultrasonics History

In 2003 I had helped kick off an initiative to record and document the development and history of Ultrasound technology in Australia. The materials and equipment collated are now stored and displayed by the Powerhouse museum in Sydney, Australia.

Open-source DICOM writer for IDL

I developed an open-source library for the writing of DICOM images in IDL. It has enjoyed wide use, and part or all of the library has been included in a number of third-party packages (link, link, link, and link).

If you like this.. might want to also check out the awesome gear at photojojo, my inter-blag or my flickr photostream.

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