Come Swim

Posted on Fri 20 January 2017

The Project

Come Swim is a 2017 short film that explores impressionism. It was Kristen Stewart's directorial debut, premiering at Sundance 2017 and screening at Cannes 2017. For my part in the project, we took the novel approach of using Neural Style Transfer - a recently developed artificial-intelligence driven technique - to literally redraw key scenes in Come Swim in the impressionistic style of the painting that Kristen painted to inspire the film.

The creative and research work we undertook is detailed in our paper, Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in "Come Swim", co-authored by Bhautik Joshi, Kristen Stewart and David Shapiro. The paper was originally submitted to arxiv and was presented at the peer-reviewed ACM conference DIGIPRO2017 in August 2017.

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Left: a still from 'Come Swim', Middle: a crop from Kristen's impressionistic painting, Right: the still redrawn in the impressionistic style of the painting using Neural Style Transfer

In our paper we discuss how we took a cutting-edge research and brought it under creative control, helping the science to be service of story. We hope that by publishing the work we can help others to use turn this nascent, rich new AI-driven visual language and into a practical tool to help tell new kinds of stories.

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Using the technique we developed in the paper, we were able to use a simple parameter - 'u' - to control the degree of style transferred and the strength of how impressionistic the result looked.

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Here we show how the camera used to capture the painting affects the result. The painting is texturally complex; a cellphone photo of it, left-column, leads to a poorer quality result than a DSLR photo of it, right-column, which captures many of the fine details which brings richness to the Neural Style Transfer.

How it came together

In late-2016 I'd performed some early experimentation with using Neural Style Transfer for redrawing videos using a painting. This got the attention of Kristen and her team; Kristen's directorial debut was built around a painting which served as the inspiration for the script of the film.

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Kristen's painting

The team reached out:

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Excerpt from the Come Swim Press Kit

...and it was my job from there on in to bring a brand-new technique that lived in the domain of research and add enough controls and steering so it could be used in a high qualit film production. The application was novel enough that we thought it warranted publishing a formal academic paper on our investigation into the use of the technique in a production context (see Publications, below).

We even used Neural Style Transfer for generating media to go with the movie, including the official poster.




Kristen discussing our work in an interview with Deadline:

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The film itself (watch online!):


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