2018 Profile Video

Who am I?

I'm Dr Bhautik Joshi, and I sit somewhere near the intersection of art, science & engineering :] I'm a problem-solver first and foremost, and what I do is help you work out what the job is and then help it get done.

I’ve specialized in not specializing and I’ve worked on: broad and deep realtime data analysis at web-scale, developing tools for stereoscopy for feature films, motion capture, virtual and augmented reality, previsualization for TV, game development, real-time computing, signal analysis, surgical simulation, medical imaging and one memorable summer neatly folding clothing in chain retail.

I've given numerous talks and interviews; I'm good at taking complex ideas and presenting them in an accessible and understandable way to any audience.

I've been doing this for a couple of decades, and I'm always on the lookout to make something cool. We should probably chat :]

So what is it I do?

  • Experience with the entire visual pipeline, from photons to neurons, from optics to image processing. I have a deep understanding of both the art and science of still and moving images.
  • Technical team lead experience - I’ve led many projects through to production. I’ll be involved all parts of a project, well outside of the scope of just engineering - to do an engineering project well, it’s important to understand what it is trying to solve - which means understanding the user and understanding the priorities. In these roles I mentor junior engineers and help guide product & management teams.
  • I can work well with ambiguous requirements - I’ll liaise directly with whoever I need in a friendly, comprehensible way to nail down the problem being solved. These soft skills are applied to collaborate with everyone to help steer a project right from the top - I’m not fazed by rank, celebrity or seniority.