Selected accomplishments

  • Visual Effects Artist on ‘Come Swim’ I collaborated with Kristen Stewart and David Shapiro to use Neural Style Transfer to render scenes fromt the short lm, ‘Come Swim’ in the style of a painting; the lm premiered at Sundance, screened at Cannes and resulted in a research paper I coauthored with Kristen and David.
  • Senior Resarch Engineer at Adobe. Here I work with artists to identify pain points in content creation for VR and AR and develop tooling to bridge these gaps.
  • Technical Team Lead & Data Scientist at Flickr, San Francisco, California. Here I developed algorithms and tools that process vast amounts of real-time data to process and surface beautiful photography to users at a gigantic scale. Led projects through research, product development and into production.
  • Research engineer at Industrial Light and Magic, San Francisco, California. Developed a number of proprietary tools that have gone into regular production use in the production of feature lms, episodic TV and game development. I focused on cross-platform compatibility using a range of toolkits, including C, C++, Python, OpenGL/ES2 and Qt.
  • Developed a number of cross-platform libraries and tools (Windows, Linux and OS X), with experience in C++, Python, OpenGL, Nuke, Maya Plugins, Qt and unix tools. I’ve been able to quickly pick up competency in new languages and toolkits as required. I have experience with writing multi threaded applications and in writing data parallel tools.

Detailed Work History

Date Job
Jun. 2016 - current Senior Research Engineer at Adobe, working on developing tools and techniques to improve the production work ow for VR & AR artists.
Aug. 2013 - Jun. 2017 My day job was to work with giant quantities of data at Flickr on the computational grids, using Hadoop, Pig and custom solutions to gain new insights into the data and turn cutting-edge research into practical, web-scale and production-ready applications. I also apply my expertise on camera construction, image processing and the creative process to develop new and deeper understandings of how photography works and why it appeals to the viewer. Here I specialise in taking complex science and engineering concepts and data and presenting these in accessible, entertaining ways.
Jun. 2013 - Jul. 2013 Worked with the DigitalFish team to bring OpenSubDiv to mobile. I adapted my open-source, real-time, mobile-friendly vertex blending and skinning pipeline ( to use as a test harness for the system. The finished system was part of the graphical-back end for the early VR short from Google Spotlight Stories, 'Windy Day'.
Nov. 2007 - Jun 2013 Research Engineer at Industrial Light and Magic, San Francisco, California, developing proprietary 2D and 3D tools for content-generation in lm, TV and gaming. I’ve worked in a number of areas, including asset management, application architecture engineering and previsualisation tools.
Jul. 2007 - Oct. 2007 Pipeline engineer at Rising Sun Pictures, Sydney, developing tools for managing data ow in lm post-production. These tools are implemented in Python, shell-script and C++. The tools developed are used to manage batch jobs in grid-based computing environments on a local and remote site.
Jan. 2007 - May 2007 Contract research engineer at Emotiv Systems, Sydney, developing and implementing physics-based algorithms for interactive games. I created a C++ library for real-time simulation of rigid-body physics, and integrated this with an existing game platform.
Oct. 2002 - Aug. 2006 Research engineer, CSIRO, undertaking architecture and engineering work for the computing environment for the BioMedIA laboratory, and developed large C++ libraries for computer graphics, computational geometry and simulation in conjunction with my PhD work.
Oct. 2001 - Jan. 2002 Research scientist, undertaking research work into multi-modal image registration at the Nuclear Medicine department at Westmead hospital. Here I evaluated and implemented a number of algorithms for non-rigid image registration of medical images in a working clinical environment. This work formed an extension of my masters thesis work. I also developed and released an open-source tool for writing DICOM-compliant images, written in IDL.
Jul. 2001 - Sep. 2001 Research engineer, Image Processing research project at the Environment and Resources department of Denmark Technical University in Copenhagen. I developed algorithms in IDL to enhance, register and segment micro-tomographic scans of sand.

Academic History

Date Details
2006 Completed a PhD, titled “Model Generation and Interaction in Surgical Simulation” jointly supported by the BioMedIA Lab at the ICT Centre, CSIRO, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at UNSW. Research focused on the automatic generation of tetrahedral meshes from segmented anatomical voxel data sets and realistic physical interaction with these in real- on near real-time.
2001 Masters Thesis, Multi-modal image registration at the Nuclear Medicine department at Westmead hospital. I evaluated and implemented a number of algorithms for fully automatic a ne and non-rigid image registration of medical images.
2001 Completed BE(Computer Engineering)(Hons.)/ME(Biomedical Engineering) at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New South Wales.
2000 Undertook my Honours thesis with the Medical Imaging group at Telecommunications & Industrial Physics, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia. In this I developed a novel tool for visualising whole and cross-sections of volumetric data using Java3D.

Selected Publications

Bhautik Joshi, Kristen Stewart, David Shapiro, Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim. In Proceedings of DigiPro ’17, Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 29, 2017, ACM Press

B. Joshi, P. Welch, A. Ray, A high-throughput, large-scale system for asynchronously warming an in-memory serving system, Patent, Nov. 2015

B. Joshi, Model Generation and Interaction in Surgical Simulation. PhD thesis, 2007.

B. Joshi, A. Fedorov, N. Chrisochoides, S. Warfield and S. Ourselin, Application-driven Quantitative Assessment of Approaches to Mesh Generation. In IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) 2007, April 12- 15, 2007 in Metro Washington DC, USA.

B. Joshi, B. Lee, D.C Popescu, and S. Ourselin, Multiple Contact Approach to Collision Modelling in Surgical Simulation. In Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 13 (MMVR 2005), Long Beach, California, USA, January 26-29 2005. IOS Press.

D.C. Popescu, B. Joshi, and S . Ourselin, Real-time topology modi cation for Finite Element models with haptic feedback. In Proc. International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP’2005), Paris, France, 2005. LNCS.

B. Joshi and S. Ourselin. BSP-Assisted Constrained Tetrahedralization. In Proc. 12th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR’03), Santa Fe, USA, pages 251-260, September 14-17 2003.

Filmography & Shows

  • Come Swim, Visual Effects Artist 2017
  • 2001: A Picasso Odyssey [Audience Award for Best Art/Experimental Film, Another Hole In The Head Film Festival October 2017] Visual Effects Artist 2016
  • Adolph Gasser Parking Lot: Street Photography exhibit, contributing photographer 2014
  • Short VR film: Windy Day, Software Engineer, Digital Fish Inc. 2013
  • In Transit MUNI Photography show, contributing photographer 2013
  • ILM Show Credits, [Noah: 2014, Star Trek - Into Darkness: 2013, Pacific Rim: 2013, The Lone Ranger: 2013, GI Joe Retaliation: 2013, Battleship: 2012, Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger Tides: 2011, Cowboys & Aliens: 2011] Research & Development, ILM 2011-2014
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Video Game), Research and Development 2010
  • DIY Urbanism Show, contributing photographer, 2010
  • Dawn & Dusk in Mini-San Francsico, (as part of the Citypulse Collection) Artist 2008


  • Co-chaired panel on VR Film at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival October 2017
  • Two-part Lens hacking course, San Francisco May 2013
  • Talk on Mocap in Film at the Yeah Sessions in Sydney January 2013


VR Panel at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival

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